Getting Started 

In your search for relationship help, couples therapy, or family counseling, I hope to give you a small idea of the counseling process starting with your first contact with me through our last meeting together. This narrative applies to any session format: individual, couples, or family. When contacting me for the first time, feel free to choose the method of contact that you are most comfortable with and that is most convenient for you. If you choose to email me, I am usually able to respond within a few hours. We can set up your first counseling appointment solely via email if you please. If you would like to call me, you will usually get my voicemail. Please leave me a message if you would like. I am usually able to return calls the same business day, but at times a return call might happen the following business day. I can typically allocate 10-15 minutes for an initial phone consultation. During our first contact, I will answer any questions that you have about the counseling process. If you decide I am a good fit for you, we will schedule your first appointment and I will email you the paperwork that will need to be filled out prior to your first visit. I like to have my clients fill out the paperwork ahead of time so that we do not have to spend any of your session time on forms. If for some reason you cannot fill out the forms prior to the first session, they will be provided to you at the beginning of your first counseling session.


On the day of your first session, you will walk through the door of Southlake Counseling and Neurofeedback Center and enter a waiting room. Please have a seat and make yourself comfortable. I will be finishing up with my previous session and will come out to the waiting room to get you at your scheduled time. In rare cases, it is possible for me to be running 5 minutes or so late and for that I apologize. I will always strive to keep my appointments running on time as often as possible.


When it is time for us to begin, I will escort you back to my office. If I have not done so already, I will look over your paperwork and possibly ask you some questions pertaining to your answers on the forms, and then we will be ready to start. My first question is typically, “What are your best hopes from our conversation today?” This question will allow us to promptly start working on what the most pressing issues are. I treat each of my sessions as if it could be our last which enables you to get the most benefit out of each session.


Sometimes I get asked, “How many sessions will I/we need?” My reply is always that it is up to you how long you come to therapy. The reason that I do not prescribe or predict any duration or frequency of sessions is because each person/couple/family is different. Typically, sessions are weekly until you begin to feel that the problem is getting easier to manage, then we can start seeing each other every two weeks or so- whatever you feel is the best arrangement for YOU. In your best interest, I only want you to come to see me for as long as you feel counseling is helpful for you. I would not be helping you if I created an environment in which you became dependent on coming to therapy to get through life’s challenges. My job is finished when the day comes that you feel that you are ready to move forward on your own..and I consider that a success! I will always welcome you if you feel the need to come back- do not hesitate to contact me if that is the case. I also encourage clients to come in when the problem has become managable, or perhaps even gone away, because talking about how and why things are going well can provide a wealth of information that can be useful for keeping the problem away. If we do not meet again, I always love it when my clients send me an email to let me know how life is going! I will also occasionally send an email to check on you if I have not heard from you in a while.


What I Can Help You With

Utilizing my years of education, training, experience, and a Solution-Focused approach to counseling, I am able to work with a wide variety of life issues. I provide counseling to individuals, couples, and families from a systemic perspective, meaning I view people as part of a larger dynamic which is why problematic relationships almost always come up in therapy, even in individual therapy. Relationships are a core part of being human, so when relationships are going bad, everything can begin to feel bad and cause great distress in individuals, couples, and families. For more information on how I use Solution-Focused Brief Therapy in session, please visit my THERAPY SERVICES page.


If you would like to discuss my experience with the issues you are currently facing or if you have question about the process, please contact me at your convenience.

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